"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..."

Hosea 4:6


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Lance Clark, MA, LCMHC, BC-TMH, QS


Founder of RESCUE





Counselor | Prayer Minister | Speaker | Author


I consider it a sacred trust to be the owner of this website at this domain:

www. SpiritualWarfareandInnerHealing .org

SOOOOO many people research topics related to Spiritual Warfare and Inner Healing – and        

     many years ago, I was one of them…


… you see, I was a young, professionally-licensed counselor, desperately wanting to have answers that would truly help and change my Clients and their lives.

So since 2008, I have been unceasingly researching and studying matters of Spiritual Warfare and Inner Healing. And I’ve been pretty picky – the people whose teaching I chose to trust had to have:

- Educational Credentials from reputable institutions

- Many years of experience ministering in these areas 

- A holistic perspective [What is Physical, Neurological, or Biochemic?; What is Soulical (Thought-life, Emotional, Volitional/Will)?; What is spiritual – and was is the nature of the spiritual phenomenon?]

- Evidence of advanced Scriptural understanding

- Evidence of experiences with the Holy Spirit in both their personal lives and in ministry.


I’d sought a comprehensive picture of spiritual phenomenon and the complimentary ministries and was flabbergasted that this very-needed information was scattered across countless writings, sermons, lecture-series, training events, etc. Honestly, it seemed ridiculous to me that all of this information wasn’t in one place for people to access. And it seemed even more ridiculous to me that there was so much bias about what was real phenomenon and legitimate ministry approaches that seemed to be rooted in denominational differences, the discrediting of either Scripture or someone’s testimony, or what may bring money and fame to the particular author/speaker/organization.


So, in 2016, I founded  RESCUE: A Teaching + Prayer Ministry to rectify this problem:

- I wrote a succinct and broad summary of all my findings (that I continue to update).

- I recorded an audio lecture series for auditory learners.

- I wrote an accompanying workbook for visual/kinesthetic learners.

- And, when given the opportunity, I started lecturing via

RESCUE: LIVE ! Teaching Events.


The expense for accessing these resources is set relatively low: I seek only to recoup expenses of this website (design, hosting, maintenance) and printing the workbooks for sale.​​​​​​​

I hope you'll check out the samples below and find the resources TRULY helpful!

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Spiritual Warfare: The Issue of Possession

Spiritual Warfare:

Curses - The Opposite of Blessings


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