The Spiritual Warfare series 55-page workbook is the companion to the RESCUE:LIVE! Teaching Event AND the RESCUE Spiritual Warfare Audio Series; while the workbook highlights key insights in the series and may prove informative, it was not intended to be a stand-alone text on the topic. The workbook proceeds along the line of the LIVE! Teaching Event and Audio series, exploring the original thesis of RESCUE Founder and Teacher Lance Clark, MA, LCMHC, BC-TMH, QS: that Spiritual Warfare can be understood by examining points on a spectrum. Discussions include Glory, the legitimacy of Spiritual Warfare, Discipleship, Understanding the Power of the Cross, Spiritual Laws, Self-Protection, Forgiveness, Temptation, Possession, Common Types of Attacks, Atmospheres and Climates, Soul Ties, Curses, and directly confronting Dark Kingdom Entities.

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