The SPIRITUAL WARFARE Event is a live Teaching and Ministry Event that presents a consolidation of years of research and learning from trainings,

countless books, lectures, mentoring conversations, and the experiences of leading authorities on SPIRITUAL WARFARE

by RESCUE Founder Lance Clark, MA, LCMHC, BC-TMH, QS.


Past attendees have lauded the blend of carefully researched content and first-hand experiences Lance shares in an effort to present

a broad, balanced, Scriptural, and experientially informed discussion of SPIRITUAL WARFARE that is rare to find anywhere else.


Lance is often asked to tailor his Teaching to needs of certain Audiences (themes within the hosting church, the needs of certain communities, deeper teaching around specific topics...)

Click below to view a customized Event he did for a MIssional Community in Jacksonville, FL:

The dimensions of SPIRITUAL WARFARE examined in the Event often include:

Glory / Lucifer’s Fall / The Power of the Cross / Binding and Loosing / The Power of the Blood / Intercessory Prayer / Spiritual Sensitivity / Judgments, Vows, & Agreements / Forgiveness / Possession vs. Demonization / Commons Types of Dark Kingdom Attacks / Spiritual Atmospheres & Climates / Hauntings & Witchcraft / Soul Ties / Authority / Schemes / Curses / Generational Sin & Ancestral Curses / Seals, Blood Oaths & Pacts / In Utero Wounding / Personal Sin / Temptation


Here is a list of some of the well-known figures whose writing informed and/or is critically examined


  • Hank Hanegraaff
  • Derek Prince
  • Jack Hayford
  • Neil Anderson
  • Francis MacNutt
  • Jentezen Franklin
  • Robert Henderson
  • John Eldredge
  • M. Scott Peck
  • David Appleby
  • Malachi Martin
  • Timothy Warner
  • Francis Frangipane